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Campus Cash App

The Best Deals at your Favorite Spots!

Get the best deals on everything from food and services to retail & more! The Campus Cash App is available in your app store now!

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Interested in Advertising?

The Campus Cash App is the perfect way to get your deals directly into your user's hands

Be where the users are

Advertise and reach the large student population where they hang out the most...their phones.

Supercharge off-peak

Create and push out real time offers to drive students into your business during your slowest times.

Track and improve

Receive regular analytics and ad performance reports to help tailor future offers.

Features & Details

The Campus Cash App is full of features that users love

Real time updates

Deals that change throughout the day keep the content fresh and exciting

Wide variety

From food and services to retail and more, there's lots to take advantage of

Beautiful imagery

High quality images and customizable deals to drive interest

Multi-method usage

Search for deals that expire soon to snag a great deal, or find deals that are close by...the Campus Cash App does it all


Users can share deals they loved with their friends, right from the app

Simple and effective

With a simple and intuitive interface, the Campus Cash App is simple for anyone to pick up and start claiming great deals

Download & Start Saving!

The Campus Cash App is available now in both the Apple App Store and to the Google Play store, so don't miss your chance to redeem the best deals at your favorite spots!

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